Secure purchase

At we accept payments made with all cards, deposits and bank transfers in US Dollars.

In order to offer our customers greater security, we use certified and encrypted payment processors so that your personal information, such as your card or account data, never has direct contact with anybody other than the entity responsible for processing the payment .

The charges to the cards are processed in real time electronically, verifying directly with the banking institution issuing the plastic. Likewise, deposits or transfers are verified immediately to provide peace of mind to our clients.

As complementary measures, and thanks to our payment processor, we have fraud control tools, which will allow both customers and to achieve a real payment efficiency and eliminate the possibility of cloning, theft, or A fictitious transaction.

In technical terms, we have the PCI DSS certification, which is necessary to process payments electronically, and the information travels directly to the processing servers, without having to leave a trace anywhere else.

One of the main concerns of, besides making you look incredible, is to keep your information confidential and your satisfaction guaranteed!